Commercial Fireproofing
Buildings get their strength and stability from the inside with their frames. Protecting these structures starts on the inside. The skeletons of steel frame buildings are protected with fireproofed coatings that keep the frame from buckling and collapsing in a high-intensity fire. You want experts to perform such a vital job.

Wilkin Insulation is one of the largest and most successful fireproofing contractors in the Midwest. Our employees specialize in the application of spray-applied fireproofing products. In fact, Wilkin is a nationally recognized expert in the fireproofing industry, and architectural and design firms, general contractors and construction managers come to us for our help with their code compliance.

Why? Wilkin’s employees are fireproofing specialists. It is what we do and we are great at it. Our plasterers, carpenters and labors concentrate exclusively on applying fireproofing materials and are extensively trained and certified by the manufacturers of all the products we apply. They know these high-quality materials inside and out so your building is safe from the inside out. Our team of estimators, sales personnel, project managers, superintendents, foremen and laborers are ready to handle any sized task in any sized building. All applications are performed by our highly skilled crew in accordance with the highest industry standards and under the guidelines of recognized independent testing agencies

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